Auroras And Sad Prose

I haven't written a legit blog in quite some time, I know. Call off the dogs.

Just Nod If You Can Hear Me

SO. I've been MIA. I know, I launched this thing and then said "just kidding" and disappeared. My life has sucked beyond the telling of it lately. I won't bore you all with all of the leaden details, but for one, my brother died in early July and I just have not been feeling uber... Continue Reading →

Roger Dodger

I'd been talking to Captain Dodger for about two weeks. He seemed legit, despite having a 17 year old kid at 40 that I didn't really question (ladies, go ahead and question this). We had pretty good conversation, even to the point where I enjoyed hearing from him. He was your standard pretty/white boy/could possibly... Continue Reading →

I Did A Thing!

Dating in the City of Angels, as it turns out, is pretty hellish. After one particularly mind-numbing bad date, I went home to recap it with a friend over several vodka sodas. "This is hilarious. You should start blogging these encounters". I never thought anyone would give a rat's ass about my dates with clowns... Continue Reading →

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