Sunset…That Is My Favorite Color

I buried my brother a year ago. That isn’t something I thought I’d be saying at 35. That isn’t something I thought I would be saying anytime soon. But here I am, still contending with the part of my brain that every now and then pops it’s head around the corner and says, “Wait, MikeContinue reading “Sunset…That Is My Favorite Color”

Someone To Face The Day With; Make It Through All The Rest With

I just ended an hours long video chat with a dear friend of mine. I’ll go as far as to say she’s one of my favorites. We text each other every day, but as for face-to-face (or the internet’s equivalent), it’s been quite some time. Seeing a familiar face that I love dearly, and immediatelyContinue reading “Someone To Face The Day With; Make It Through All The Rest With”

We’re Getting a Divorce, You Keep the Diner

Three years ago I made one of the best decisions of my life – I packed up my shit, stuck my kitty in a carrier (RIP Jax), swallowed my fears, left my insecurities at a United Airlines gate in Newark, and got on a one-way flight to Los Angeles.

Bury Me In Lafayette

I can’t begin to put New Orleans in a nutshell. I thought I could, but it’s just not possible, there’s too much to love. Could one stuff their visit in a carry-on? Sure. I’ve packed an epic long weekend into my bag, 7 pieces of art included. But to really divulge in the magic thatContinue reading “Bury Me In Lafayette”

Wheels Are Turning…

I’ve been thinking about my blog. For the record, I hate the word blog, mainly because it’s so LA, and everyone’s a fucking blogger in this city. But it being so focused on the aspect of dating in LA has started to irk me. I used to get amusement out of my dates- I thought,Continue reading “Wheels Are Turning…”