Bury Me In Lafayette

Solo day in the Quarter – Scenes from a bar stool.

I can’t begin to put New Orleans in a nutshell. I thought I could, but it’s just not possible, there’s too much to love. Could one stuff their visit in a carry-on? Sure. I’ve packed an epic long weekend into my bag, 7 pieces of art included. But to really divulge in the magic that is NOLA, you need at least 5 days. There’s simply too much to see. And too much to eat. And too much jazz to flood your music-loving soul. And apparently too much for me to ever take enough photos of.

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Wheels Are Turning…

I’ve been thinking about my blog. For the record, I hate the word blog, mainly because it’s so LA, and everyone’s a fucking blogger in this city. But it being so focused on the aspect of dating in LA has started to irk me. I used to get amusement out of my dates- I thought, at the very least, it’s an experience that I can write about and, hey, everyone else in this godforsaken city (that I love so much) is going through the same thing.

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Just Nod If You Can Hear Me

SO. I’ve been MIA. I know, I launched this thing and then said “just kidding” and disappeared. My life has sucked beyond the telling of it lately. I won’t bore you all with all of the leaden details, but for one, my brother died in early July and I just have not been feeling uber creative these days. The desire to write kind of left me and I’ve been desperately trying to find it again.

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Wine Country

Ahhh wine country. It’s a place Californians know and love. A place where one goes to take a vacation, long weekend, or day trip to just relax and drink some of the best vino this corner of the United States.

To some, however, it’s a reminder of the douchebaggery that coincides with living in Los Angeles. One example is my first date with a dude from Hinge (you know, the more reputable dating app).

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