Take Your Broken Heart, Turn It Into Art

recently found myself at the Heartbreak Hotel. Not really sure how I ended up there again, but I’ll spare you all the dumb details of what I managed to figure out. I still have a few lessons to learn, apparently.

I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time.

I recently wrote a blog for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. I was apprehensive at first, and terrified for reasons most won’t understand. But at the end of the day, this feels right, and I want to share my story in an attempt to help others realize theirs is not over.

Spring Refresh: Home Décor Inspiration

Here I’ve cultivated a list of pieces that’ll perk your home up, in case y’all were feeling a bit dull yourselves. Enjoy!

My Funny Valentine: A Gift Guide

“When love is the music of life, only love can make the heart sing.” Well, love and a few solid accessories, of course. Some silly boys like to claim that Vday is lame, but I’ve known a few fellas who embrace the “holiday” and have a genuine good time with it. This gift guide isContinue reading “My Funny Valentine: A Gift Guide”