Auroras And Sad Prose

I haven’t written a legit blog in quite some time, I know. Call off the dogs. It’s hard to write about life when you haven’t really been living it for over 12 months. Creatively, I’ve been feeling defunct. Mentally, I have not been in the headspace to even freewrite let alone produce something that a bunch of followers will find interesting. Recently, I joined a few affiliate programs, which allows me to personally recommend products and earn commissions from purchases. I quickly found that I have a LOT of fun writing these types of blogs! My writing tends to be on the serious side more often than not (oh, poets), so this was a welcome reprieve I didn’t even know I needed. It’s crazy that it took me this long to realize, as I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of sharing my finds with friends & others. I love recommending something to someone, and having them try said recommendation and end up finding something they too love!

My friend Jenny tells me I am not allowed to stop writing, so for now, that’s what I’ve got in me. The world seems to be breathing life again, slowly but surely. Hopefully I will breathe in some of that life too.


Published by Kat

Jersey born | LA living | Sometimes Acting 🎭| Usually Snapping 📸 | Always Writing ✍🏼 | Lover of weird shit & all the music

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