Spring Refresh: Home Décor Inspiration

F I N A L L Y the weather has broken and the sun is still high in the sky much later into the evening. Birds are chirping, hikers are hiking, and that can only mean one thing — Spring has sprung! I found myself needing a change in my immediate surroundings, because the same old scene after 12 months was just getting hella boring. Out with the old, in with the new! Isn’t that the motto of spring cleaning? Here I’ve cultivated a list of pieces that’ll perk up your home, in case y’all were feeling a bit dull yourselves. Enjoy! (Bonus – Momma’s Day is around the corner – get her a gift!)

*Disclosure: All products featured on KatInCali are independently selected by me. However, when you purchase something through my retail links, I may earn an affiliate commission.


KIANG Handblown Glass Vase

I like my vases like I like most things – Large. I tend to over-shop in the flower department and these are the perfect solution to just that problem. 


Vitruvi Ceramic Oil Diffuser

With its matte ceramic finish and multiple color choices, it doubles as décor, matching the aesthetic of any room.  Toss in these theraputic Happy Spring oils  and let out an “ohmmm”.


Coffee Table Book Collection

I’ve stepped up my coffee table game recently, and wanted to share a few of my favorite books. These are the perfect addition and encompass three of my favorite things: Girl Power, Travel, and Food 🙂 

The Atlas of Beauty: Women of the World in 500 Portraits

In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs

Beautiful Boards: 50 Amazing Snack Boards for Any Occasion

prettycitydublin: Discovering Dublin’s Beautiful Places


VP Home Buddha Outdoor Garden Light

Perfect for the patio! I adore all things Buddha and have variants of the little dude scattered about my house. Hopefully placing this OUTside of my front door will attract some serious Zen. 🙂 





Grapevine Wreath – Easy Growin Designs

These wreaths are gorgeous and customizable! Just regularly mist them with water and they’ll continue to grow beautifully. Also, this is a small, female-owned business out of Berkeley, CA and it’s ALWAYS rad to support those.



Rebel Life Hanging Macrame Chair

I’ve recently become a tad obsessed with all things macrame. The more rustic something looks to me, the better. I want to curl up in this thing with a a fluffy blanket and a book, and I’d like to be left ALONE please.



Spring Storm Soy Candle – Lorenzen Candle Co

A small business that locally sources it’s products. I’m in! These candles are made from soybeans grown by midwest farmers in the US, and are hand-mixed and hand-poured in Missouri. Their Testament: “All of our wicks are lead and zinc free since we want you to keep all of your brain cells!” 


Lindsey Foard Fringe Coasters

She’s my homie and these are super cute. They come in seven aptly-named colors and I currently have three in my cart. Gone are the days of condensation suctioning your cup to your coaster! Check out her other great home goods for more to perk up your place. And look! Another small biz with a lady at the helm. Whoop whoop. 



Nathan James 5-Shelf Bookcase

All things white and gold have been catching my eye as of late. I don’t really know why, (I’m usually more of a silver girl) but I’m here for this bookshelf. *Insert heart eye emoji*


Kate and Laurel Decorative Tray

Continuing with that white/gold theme. Throw (well, maybe place) this onto your coffee table with your new books and adorabe coasters. Dress it up with some candles or lanterns for a cozy feel. 


Uhitmi Ceramic Vase

One more! I don’t have to say much about them other than I bought them, I love them, I’d buy them again. They are b e a u t i f u l . I want them in my home forever. Just perfect for my fellow flower fanatics.



macrameArtDecor Feather Wall Hanging

Perfect for a person who enjoys a Bohemian vibe. These pieces are handmade (by a woman!), elegant, and whimsical.

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