My Funny Valentine: A Gift Guide

“When love is the music of life, only love can make the heart sing.” Well, love and a few solid accessories, of course. Some silly boys like to claim that Vday is lame, but I’ve known a few fellas who embrace the “holiday” and have a genuine good time with it. This gift guide is for them! (You now have t-minus 10 days and counting…GO!)

*Disclosure: All products featured on Kat In Cali are independently selected by me. However, when you purchase something through my retail links, I may earn an affiliate commission.

UGG Slippers

Nothing says “I Love You” like some fluff for your feet. These are soooper comfortable, and even better, come in about 100 colors and patterns. 


Reese’s Assorted Chocolates

This is literally my dream! A Reese’s bulk pack with 6 different varieties of chocolate-y, peanut butter-y goodness. Skip the overpriced cordials, she’ll like this way more, I assure you. 

MantraBand Bracelets

I’m officially on that MantraBand-Wagon (see what I did there?). Their full site offers many more options, but sometimes keeping it simple is best. You Are Loved.

Lindsey Foard Photography Prints

You’ll have a much better time browsing her Print Shop in full because it’s chock-full of awesome travel photography, but here’s a sneak peek. Whether it’s Poppies or Paris, there’s something for the wanderlust in all of us. Also, shopping small business is rad.


Monsuri Bath Tray

You thought watching Netflix in bed was awesome! Can’t buy a spa package for your S.O. because of COVID? Create a luxury spa experience at home! These are bamboo, expandable, and will hold any bathtub accessory you desire. A glass of wine is a bath accessory, right???


Chanel Eau Tendre

Yes, this was in my last guide. Yes, I’m promoting it again. Why? It’s that good – *shrug*. So give it a “Chance” because I think your lover will agree. 

Perfectione Roses

The downside to these preserved roses is that they don’t have the usual floral aroma. The upside is that they last well over a year, which is typically unheard of with cut flowers. They offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, so if your sweetie isn’t overly thrilled (which I doubt), you’re safe from wasting any hard earned dollars.

Picnic at Ascot Charcuterie Board

A fancy pants cheese board has been on my wish list for awhile now. And by fancy, I mean engraved of course! This is a bamboo board that comes with four stainless steel utensils and helpful cheese markers so everyone knows what they’re about to munch on. 

SYRINX Leggings

Thanks to COVID and quarantine, leggings have become a new way of life. A 3-pack for under $30? I’m here for it. 

THORNWOLF Scented Candles

Women like things that smell nice, plain and simple. Since the aforementioned floral arrangement is lacking in this department, add a few of these yummy scented candles to your cart to make up for it. They are beautifully packaged and have 70-75 hours worth of burn time. Turn the lights down and cue Marvin Gaye…

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