We’re All In The Mood For A Melody

If you’re anything like me, you’re just about at the “wit’s end/over it/losing your mind” stage of quarantine (while feeling like the only one still doing it). Lately, I’ve found myself needing several pick-me-ups throughout the weeks spent Netflixing, job searching (oi), and otherwise being a modern day Cinderella in my home (right when I can’t have many guests – it’s so clean!) So I’ve been branching out a little, trying new things, and in doing so discovered brand new hobbies/activities that really help pump up my mood. I decided to ask a few of my lovely girlfriends what they have discovered helps them weather Superstorm COVID.

*Disclosure: All products featured on Kat In Cali are independently selected by me. However, when you purchase something through my retail links, I may earn an affiliate commission.

1) Find Your Inner Picasso — This one’s personal to me, because I rediscovered my love of painting, and had forgotten how much it relaxes and soothes me. But upon inquiry, I found out that quite a few people turn to this for a much needed serotonin boost. I recently bought both an acrylic artist’s kit and a watercolor kit off of Amazon and I am absolutely in love with them both. You don’t need to be featured in the Louvre to dip your brush into some paint and just…create. So try it! You might be surprised. Links to both of my newfound jewels here and here.

2) ROY G BIV Your Books — OK hear me out here. I too scoffed at the idea, but then I looked at my small libraries’ worth of books and decided, “Shit, what else do I have to do?” IT IS SO FULFILLING. The Home Edit backs me up here. Try it. That’s all I ask of you.

3) Mary Jane — Whether it’s your first dance or last, MJ can be a helpful partner. I never thought I’d give much of a shit about marijuana until I moved to California and realized how wonderful it is (a straight result of it being so accessible). It’s a bit of a science, and you have to find strains that work for you, but it is so incredibly helpful with a multitude of things, many of which are often treated with psychiatric medication. *Disclaimer: I do not have a medical degree. Always consult your doctor first, then ignore them and Big Pharma and just take some edibles. Just kidding. Or am I.

4) Flourish With Flowers –If there is anything I learned entering my 30’s, it’s that some things you just have to consistently do for yourself. If you love flowers, keep them around! Trader Joe’s (and many basic grocery stores) have cheap, small bouquets that you can mix and match to create a beautiful array of colors. I don’t know about y’all, but it certainly lifts my mood on a bi-weekly basis.

5) Write To-Do Lists with Colorful Pens (…And Then Actually Do The Things) — This might sound weird, and I never thought it would be a thing for me. However, I did it on a whim and found that it not only helps me get a little amped for the tasks, it actually helps me to cross the things off of said list! Again, it’s only tried and true for me, but try it, who knows. Report back.

6) Travel Via Magazine — Magazines, along with newspapers, are a bit of a dying breed, and I haven’t had a subscription to any since my art school days. Recently I discovered that Amazon offers a plethora of mags for all interests…and they’re cheap!! Hello Vogue, I’ve missed you. Food & Wine for $5? Absolutely. Conde Nast Traveler, feed my wanderlust!

7) Watch Holiday MoviesCHEESE alert, but hey, this blog is more for the ladies anyway. I have always loved doing this, be it that “time of year” or not. My personal favorite is The Holiday, but I could list at least 10 should you need some recommendations. In these “unprecedented” times, we all can use a little comfort, no? (Personally, I’m just trying to keep from putting my Christmas Tree up!)

And as always, if all else fails…there is WINE!! Cheers friends!

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