Someone To Face The Day With; Make It Through All The Rest With

I just ended an hours long video chat with a dear friend of mine. I’ll go as far as to say she’s one of my favorites. We text each other every day, but as for face-to-face (or the internet’s equivalent), it’s been quite some time. Seeing a familiar face that I love dearly, and immediately engaging in conversation like we had just seen each other the other day, filled me up with so much happiness. It took this call to realize how much I’ve been lacking real human connection. Granted, I’ve indulged in self-isolation more than usual lately (I’m typically equal parts loner and extrovert). But I hadn’t realized until tonight how wonderful it feels to really connect with your girlfriend.

I think now at this age, more than ever, it is so important to develop and maintain close female relationships. And those may be few and far in between. But those few women whom you hold so close to your heart – those gals are special. And they shan’t be traded for anything (yes, I’m now British).

Asbury Park, NJ.
Our favorite City-By-The-Sea.

It was so wonderful to re-connect and just laugh again. I’ve known this woman for about…my lord 8 or 9 years now? We met in the most unconventional of ways also; she was an ex-girlfriend of the man I was dating at the time. Talk about meant to dislike each other! But being that we’re both mature women in the 21st century, I emailed her with, “hey is it OK if I reach out to you about some stuff? Feel free to tell me to go to hell”. She replied warmly and without judgement.

And thus, one of my most delightful friendships was born. She has been one of the most supportive, genuine, give-you-the-shirt-off-her-back people I’ve ever known. I’m so grateful to have her in my life. We are Jersey-girl twinsies (fuck, the LA came out), and I love her to pieces.

Now at 35, I believe our 20’s are for having all of the fun with all of the friends – but essentially, towards the end of that decade of our lives, we weed out the dead weight and find out who to truly hold onto with all of our might. I’m confident that the women I keep close to my heart now will be the ones in my heart always. Some love really IS eternal.

You all know who you are. I love you.

Jersey diners didn’t know what hit them at 2:30 am.

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