Let’s talk about dating apps and cutting.

I decided to throw in the towel, wave the white flag, admit defeat. I deleted all (four) of my dating app accounts.

It felt amazeballs.

It lasted a sum total of 36 hours.

I’m currently back on three of the original apps, and you can add a brandy new one to that list. *facepalm*

Masochism is legit, guys. Total emotional cutting.

What has recently been bugging me is my close residency to Shady 180 (there may be more on them later, TBD). I extend my matches to about 8 or 9 miles out. I did it at 15 miles once and quickly realized that 15 miles in LA is the equivalent of traveling from Newark, NJ to Washington, D.C. Anyway, being that Shady is rather close, they keep coming up, no matter how many times I swipe left/X out of the situation. (I recently found out how to block someone, but now I’m too amused masochistic to do so). *facepalm*

(Side Bar: This one kinda hurt Kat in her softy feel-spaces. Yes, she does have them. Moving on).

I spent the afternoon hungrily swiping/X’ing through pretty much all of Los Angeles County, as if I had been apart from these apps for five years and hadn’t dated for most of them either. What is it about these platforms that make us chronic swipers? I don’t know about you guys, but I get a strange high when I’m on left-swipe #47 and I say to myself “this is painful”. Masochism is legit, guys. The apps ARE painful. There’s very little silver lining to them. Yet I couldn’t get through the entire season premiere of Game of Thrones without opening one of them.

I think Bran dead-eyed me through the screen.

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